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Inflationary pressures remained high in 2022 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The global economy has begun to recover from the pandemic, despite an ongoing inflationary surge. Banks have responded by imposing several new regulations on the raw material importation process. Furthermore, exchange rates and freight charges have risen significantly. Despite these challenges, we completed the projects and met all of the clients’ expectations.

All the renowned business conglomerates in Bangladesh specially Bashundhara Group-3044 MT, Abul Khair Steel Melting Ltd – 2450 MT, Ispahani Summit Alliance Terminals Limited (ISATL)- 1326 MT, GILDAN/ SDS International Ltd- 1265.24 MT, Youngone Corporation-1216 MT,  CocaCola- 809 MT have come forward and partnered with us to expand their industrial infrastructure in 2022. A total volume of approximately 15, 000 MT has been awarded to PEBSAL in this year which includes several significant projects. We always appreciate and embrace our client’s innovative ideas when it comes to using PEBSAL for recurring task segments.  

We always provide premium, high-quality fortifying solutions that are both sustainable and safe for our clients. We are grateful to all of our valued clients who have treated us like family by providing us with job opportunities and financial support during these challenging circumstances. Thank you for the association with us throughout 2022.

Cheers to health, happiness, and prosperity in 2023

Happy New Year