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Large Diameter MS Pipe

PEBSAL, as part of its corporate business diversification, is looking to venture into new product lines. With the will to explore and invest into new sectors, PEBSAL has recently procured two modern machines to undertake fabrication of large diameter steel pipes and other curved plate structures.
It incorporates a CNC based 4-roller Plate Mcilline from Turkey that can bend thick steel plates and a Column/Boom Welding Machine with ESAB SAW Power
Pac from Sweden which is specially designed to undertake pipe welding works. Implementation of these state-of-the-art automated machinesensures highest quality of longitudinal and circumference welding. Quality of the final products is rigorously inspected to ensure that the client receives the best product.

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Production Method

The production process of the pipe structure is as under:

• Plate bending machines with movable, rotating rolls align plate and pre-bend the work piece to minimize the flat end length

• The work piece is clamped and bending operation is performed to transform it into a pipe structure

• Using angled side roll positioning, the machine can roll the plate into conical structures

• Structure is rolled a couple of times to meet desired uniform diameter

• Precise edge handling allows for the work piece to be tack welded on the machine

• Longitudinal welding is done using SAW welding technique with a column boom welding machine

• Circumference welding is done to attach splices of pipe structure to get the desired length of the Pipe

• The integrity of the welded sections is tested using ultrasonic test

• Structure of the pipes are rigorously inspected to ensure that the products are of highest quality

• Any paint coating done on the structures are also tested using dry film thickness test


Large diameter metal pipes from PEBSAL are best suitable and proven in the following applications:

• All types of major piling from the river bed to projection above ground level, such as use in the construction of bridges, flyover, expressways, etc.

• Marine off-shore constructions and seaport/dock expansion

• High-rise building foundations

• Water pipelines, irrigation pipelines, penstocks for flood water management

• Ship constructions

• Dredging pipes, barge spuds

• Waste water pipes (drainage, sewer pipes)

• Wind towers for wind turbine installation

• Communication towers

• Underground and above ground storage tanks

• Bunkers

• Process cooling water installations for industrial factories and power plants

• Trenchless construction (jacking, ramming, tunneling pipes), rehabilitation of underground Pipes

• Slurry handling pipes (e.g. mining industry)

• Besides large oil tanker, silo, hopper, smoke stakes for power plants etc. can be manufactured

In fact, the application range is huge, limited only by the imagination/need of the users.

Through the introduction of this product line, PEBSAL continues to bring in technological advancement. It is thus poised to fulfill the rapidly changing needs of the emerging fields of infrastructure development in Bangladesh.