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Nasir Quality Glass Industries Ltd. announces another integrated project streamlining vast opportunities in the region.

NQGIL is a multi-functional float glass complex set up with a dream. Being one of the sister concerns of Nasir Group, the company has established itself as one of the largest Bangladeshi industrial conglomerates. Among others, Nasir Group’s glass industry is acknowledged as one of the world’s largest tempered glass exporters in the region. Now with this new collaboration, Nasir Group is set to attain yet another milestone.

Beginning of yet another thrilling project detailing “Tempering, Mirror and Wind shield plant” situated at the Natiapara, Delduar, Tangail with an approximate weight of 1140 MT and dimensions of 350mx60mx8.5m will make projects more exciting than ever. Additionally, the project really stands out from previous since its operation will include 4 numbers Electric overhead traveling cranes requiring 5T capacity during the entirety of the project. This will not just make the construction reliable but also help completion of project in due time while maintaining the quality assurance standards.

Hence, it is with immense gratitude and pleasure, the alliance between two companies is to set forth the partnership to a new height as it undertakes yet another elevated project. PEBSAL is extremely happy to have been a part of Nasir Group’s growing opportunity on several occasions and will endeavor its journey throughout its new project as-well. In collaboration of this partnership, prospective clients can find whatever solutions to build a premium-quality constructions along with enthusiastic support.

We want to express our gratitude to NQGIL for their trust and confidence in us and for entrusting this new project to PEBSAL.