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Omera Cylinders Limited (OCL), a leading manufacturer of steel LPG cylinders in Bangladesh, is engaged in manufacturing since 2015. OCL is well known for its highest level of quality. Recently they have decided to expand their business entity by constructing the production hall for the refurbishment and requalification of LPG cylinder. PEBSAL will be joining them to achieve this milestone in their journey of prosperity.

According to the contract, PEBSAL will responsible for both the civil and steel parts of this project. The five months construction schedule has been set for the accomplishment of this milestone. Well recognized professionalism and the long term success in the PEB industry has made the decision easier for OCL to shake hands with PEBSAL.

PEBSAL would like to thank OCL for having faith in us & become part of our family and enrich our client list. PEBSAL is very proud to be associated with this conglomerate in Bangladesh.

Akij to Adopt Standing Seam Roofing System

Janata Sadat Jute Mills, a concern of Akij Group is the largest manufacturer & exporter of Jute products in the private sector in Bangladesh. It is one of the largest, oldest, and most-profitable jute product makers in the country. Like other conglomerates in Bangladesh, have decided to adopt the standing seam roofing system in the new expansion of Sadat Jute Industries Limited. PEBSAL is the pioneer in launching this roofing system in Bangladesh and has been being installing standing seam successfully since 2015. The success, as well as the pros of this roofing system, has made the decision easier for the client to implement this roofing system through us.

The new expansion of the Sadat Jute Industries Limited covers more than 100,000 sq. ft. area approximately. It is a symbolic job as the roofing is saw tooth type. The roof sheeting completion timeframe has been limited to forty days only. This contract represents the good recognition and high proficiency of PEBSAL in facing these kinds of challenges successfully. With this accomplishment, PEBSAL will achieve the milestone of 24 lacs sqft area in implementing the standing seam roofing system.

PEBSAL is very much grateful to Akij Group for trusting in implementing the standing seam roofing system.