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Renata Limited (formerly Pfizer Limited) is one of the leading and fastest growing pharmaceutical and animal health product companies in Bangladesh. The Company has ten manufacturing facilities spread over three manufacturing sites. They have decided to expand their business by constructing a warehouse in Valuka. PEBSAL will be there to assist them in reaching this critical milestone on their journey to success.

According to the contract, PEBSAL will be in charge of the steel components of this project. Renata Ltd’s present warehouse structure covers around 29,000 square feet and weighs approximately 335 metric tons. A five-month construction deadline has been planned for the completion of this landmark. Renata’s choice to shake hands with PEBSAL was made easier by their well-known integrity and long-standing popularity in the PEB sector.

Renata Ltd has become part of our family and has helped to expand our client base, which PEBSAL values. PEBSAL is privileged to be a part of this Bangladeshi conglomerate.


World Class Manufacturing founded in 1974, Youngone Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of outdoor / athletic clothing, textiles, footwear and gear built with history of innovation, partnership and trust. In 1999, Youngone Corporation Limited established the Korean Export Processing Zone (KEPZ), the country’s first private EPZ, with 2492 acres of land given on the bank of the river Karnaphuli under Anowara Upazila in Chittagong district.

Youngone Corporation has decided to expand its company in the KEPZ under the name Karnaphuli Polyester Products Ltd, and PEBSAL has been chosen to participate in their program once again. The new additions that will be covering this new extension include the carton factory, refrigerated storage, and welfare center. This extension is roughly 118,051 square feet in size and weights 630 metric tons. The Youngone Corporation’s choice to sign the contract was made simpler by PEBSAL’s unwavering dedication to completing prior projects within a given period.

PEBSAL is incredibly delighted to be a part of this global leader’s journey