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SQ Group Shook Hands with PEBSAL

SQ Celsius Ltd, the foundation of SQ, is regarded as most preferred suppliers to renowned high-end retailers. SQ is well known for its service in the clothing sector both at the local and international stage. SQ recently made the decision to extend their company by building a warehouse for SQ Celsius Ltd. PEBSAL will be there to help them reach this important landmark in their path to success.

PEBSAL will be responsible for both the civil and steel aspects of this undertaking, according to the contract. SQ Celsius Ltd’s warehouse building is about 60,000 square feet in area and weighs about 435 metric tons. For completion of this landmark structure, a five-month construction timeline has been set. SQ’s decision to shake hands with PEBSAL was made simpler due to our well-known integrity and long-standing reputation in the Steel Building Manufacturing Industry.

SQ has become a member of our family and has enriched our clients list, which PEBSAL  appreciates. PEBSAL is honored to be affiliated with this renowned Bangladeshi conglomerate.