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Inflationary pressures remained high in 2022 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The global economy has begun to recover from the pandemic, despite an ongoing inflationary surge. Banks have responded by imposing several new regulations on the raw material importation process. Furthermore, exchange rates and freight charges have risen significantly. Despite these challenges, we completed the projects and met all of the clients’ expectations.

All the renowned business conglomerates in Bangladesh specially Bashundhara Group-3044 MT, Abul Khair Steel Melting Ltd – 2450 MT, Ispahani Summit Alliance Terminals Limited (ISATL)- 1326 MT, GILDAN/ SDS International Ltd- 1265.24 MT, Youngone Corporation-1216 MT,  CocaCola- 809 MT have come forward and partnered with us to expand their industrial infrastructure in 2022. A total volume of approximately 15, 000 MT has been awarded to PEBSAL in this year which includes several significant projects. We always appreciate and embrace our client’s innovative ideas when it comes to using PEBSAL for recurring task segments.  

We always provide premium, high-quality fortifying solutions that are both sustainable and safe for our clients. We are grateful to all of our valued clients who have treated us like family by providing us with job opportunities and financial support during these challenging circumstances. Thank you for the association with us throughout 2022.

Cheers to health, happiness, and prosperity in 2023

Happy New Year


For the first time, ADC (Aviation Dhaka Consortium) has presented an excellent opportunity for PEBSAL to collaborate with its large workforce and contribute to the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Expansion Project. The quality services as well as the relentless commitment of PEBSAL over the last 16 years contributed to making the decision easier for the employer to sign MOU to accelerate the roofing installation of the LW building of Terminal-3.

ADC is a local entity formed by Mitsubishi, Samsung, and Fujita JV to carry out the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport T3 Expansion Project under contract with the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB).

This project will place more emphasis on the multi-layered Metal Roofing System in the Passenger Terminal-3 building’s left wing. PEBSAL has been awarded approximately 32,000 Sqm of roofing area to fix the multi-layered roofing and gutter system including the skylight. The screwless roofing system will have several layers, including the Metal Deck, Purlin, Cement Board, Vapour Barrier, E-Clip, Rock Wool Insulation, Aluminum Roof Panel, and finally the Wind Resistance Clip on top of the roof.

PEBSAL has decades of experience in accomplishing approximately 252,000 square meters of standing seam roofing systems which helped to make the detailed analysis of this prestigious project easier. This project will extol the virtues of PEBSAL. And we are optimistic that we will complete the project on time with ADC’s complete satisfaction. PEBSAL would like to thank AVIATION DHAKA CONSORTIUM (ADC) wholeheartedly for awarding this international project and providing the opportunity to work with world-class specialists in this field.


The project “ASSP Line 2 brownfield” is one of the key developments of International Beverages Private Limited in partnership with PEBSAL. With this being the third development along with PEBSAL, IBPL’s continuity in partnership is appreciated with distinction.

International Beverages Private Limited is a leading beverage company in the country, providing consumers with a variety of high-quality, refreshing beverage options i.e., Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Fanta. It was established in Bangladesh in the year 2012. This project is destined to elevate IBPL to achieve new heights along the way.

The project, which is located in Habirbari, Bhaluka, Mymensingh, will weigh approximately 809 MT and will include a Production Floor Extension, Cap Feeder Room, Dry Concentrate Storage, and Sugar Storage.

PEBSAL has won special recognition from IBPL for its proficiency in accomplishing previous projects earlier than scheduled. Moreover, we have worked for over 3 million safe hours in the year 2014 and collectively were rewarded a distinctive certificate in that year. As a result, as it embarks on yet another high-profile project, the alliance will push cooperation to new heights, which will be received with thanks and delight. PEBSAL is thrilled to be a part of IBPL’s growing potential, and it will continue to do so by putting in the effort and devotion required to complete the ASSP Line 2 brownfield project.


Youngone Corporation, founded in 1974, is a prominent global manufacturer of outdoor / athletic clothes, textiles, footwear, and gear with a long history of innovation, collaboration, and trust. Youngone Corporation Limited developed the Korean Export Processing Zone (KEPZ) in 1999, the country’s first private EPZ, with 2492 acres of land given on the bank of the river Karnaphuli in Chittagong district’s Anowara Upazila.

Recently, Youngone Corporation has opted to extend its business in the KEPZ under the name Gaya Product Development Co (BD) Ltd, and PEBSAL has once again been chosen to participate in their project. The product development factory is a new expansion of around 77,000 square feet in area and weighs 590 metric tons. The key challenge will be to execute the uneven roof pattern successfully, and PEBSAL is at the top of the list of companies that have successfully confronted this type of challenge.  PEBSAL’s unwavering commitment to finishing previous projects within a specified time frame made the Youngone Corporation’s decision to sign the contract easier.

PEBSAL is very happy to be a part of the journey of this worldwide leader.


Another year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and another year of survival, is 2021. Following the ongoing crisis in the year 2021, we are extremely glad and grateful that we were able to effectively deliver improved services to our dependable clientele by working with enthusiasm throughout the crisis. We put in extra effort this year to work on and complete our client’s project, and as a result, we are now stronger than ever after the COVID-19.

All of our valuable clients, including Nasir Group, Meghna Group, BAY, BRB Cable Industries Ltd., SQ Celsius Ltd., Bashundhara Group, NIPRO JMI Pharma Ltd (NJPL), Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited (HPL), Renata Limited, Youngone Corporation, GILDAN, SQUARE Group, East Coast Group (ECG), and others, have come forward and partnered with us to expand their industrial infrastructure in the year 2021. In terms of our client’s choice of PEBSAL for recurring task segments, we always appreciate and embrace their innovative ideas.

We assure that we will continue to supply premium, high-quality fortifying solutions that are both sustainable and safe for our clients. We are grateful to all of our valued clients who have made us feel like family by providing us with job opportunities and financial assistance during these difficult times.

finally, we’d want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your continuous support and presence beside us during this epidemic year.




With an end coming to the year 2021, PEBSAL is again very delighted to announce yet another project with Nasir Jute Industries Limited. Recently, Nasir Group of Industries has launched the “Jute Factory” project for the first time in this sector.

The “Jute Factory” project is located in Allahr Dorga, Kushtia, and it has a built-up area of 204,000.00 sft and a weight of around 1293 MT.  The building type that is set forth to be constructed is a Multi Gable Frame with a width of 88.000m, length of 215.000m, and a clear height of 7.5m to exact. The main challenge will not only be fixing the triangular truss frame on the roof properly but also to solve the rain water drainage system. It has already been theoretically resolved by complying with BNBC-2020, and it is expected to be professionally implemented on site.

PEB Steel Alliance Ltd has collaborated with NGIL on a variety of initiatives, including Nasir Float Glass, Nasir Glassware, Nasir Leaf Tobacco, Nasir Quality Glass, and others, bringing its relationship to a new level as it embarks on yet another high-profile effort. PEBSAL is gratified to be a part of Nasir Group’s growing potential several times, and it will continue so again with its new projects.

Thanks to Nasir Group.

Nasir Quality Glass Industries Ltd. announces another integrated project streamlining vast opportunities in the region.

NQGIL is a multi-functional float glass complex set up with a dream. Being one of the sister concerns of Nasir Group, the company has established itself as one of the largest Bangladeshi industrial conglomerates. Among others, Nasir Group’s glass industry is acknowledged as one of the world’s largest tempered glass exporters in the region. Now with this new collaboration, Nasir Group is set to attain yet another milestone.

Beginning of yet another thrilling project detailing “Tempering, Mirror and Wind shield plant” situated at the Natiapara, Delduar, Tangail with an approximate weight of 1140 MT and dimensions of 350mx60mx8.5m will make projects more exciting than ever. Additionally, the project really stands out from previous since its operation will include 4 numbers Electric overhead traveling cranes requiring 5T capacity during the entirety of the project. This will not just make the construction reliable but also help completion of project in due time while maintaining the quality assurance standards.

Hence, it is with immense gratitude and pleasure, the alliance between two companies is to set forth the partnership to a new height as it undertakes yet another elevated project. PEBSAL is extremely happy to have been a part of Nasir Group’s growing opportunity on several occasions and will endeavor its journey throughout its new project as-well. In collaboration of this partnership, prospective clients can find whatever solutions to build a premium-quality constructions along with enthusiastic support.

We want to express our gratitude to NQGIL for their trust and confidence in us and for entrusting this new project to PEBSAL.


In 1997, Square entered the textile sector with its manufacturing facilities of cotton yarn. Combining modern technology with skilled manpower under Square’s unique inspiring, atmosphere, this new venture soon raised to the top of the local textile industry. Today it has one of the most sophisticated vertically integrated set-ups. Recently they have decided to expand their set-up by building the second phase of the spinning facility in Habiganj. PEBSAL will be there to assist them to accomplish this important milestone on their path to success. The first phase of the project had been completed to the client’s complete satisfaction within the limited timeframe which prompted STXL to award the second phase to PEBSAL.

The building is nearly 32 feet in height which covers 190,000 square feet in area and weighs 1300 tons. This contract recognizes PEBSAL’s achievement in retaining customer loyalty. Furthermore, while working under a tight deadline, PEBSAL is at the top of the choice of clients.

Thanks to Square Group for continuing to put their trust in PEBSAL.


East Coast Group (ECG) is one of the fastest growing business conglomerates in Bangladesh. Power Generation, Downstream Petroleum, Shipping, Renewable Energy, Plastics & Ceramics Manufacturing, Real Estate, Wood Treatment, Corporate Finance, Banking, Insurance, Tea Production, Logistics and Distribution.

ECG have decided to expand their business by constructing two buildings in Savar. PEBSAL will be there to assist them in reaching their milestone on their journey to success. According to the contract, PEBSAL will be in charge of the steel components of this project. The area of these building are approximately 45,460.0 sft.

EAST COAST Group has become a part of our family and has helped to expand our client base, which PEBSAL values. PEBSAL is privileged to be a part of this Bangladeshi conglomerate.